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Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011-11-17 "Calif.: Regulating marijuana like wine improves the status quo"Despite having the broadest medical marijuana law in the country, California still arrests and cites individuals at a staggering pace [] for marijuana offenses. Efforts are underway to try to change that.
The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 [] is currently being circulated for signatures. If placed on the ballot,
the good people of California will be able to vote on whether adults should be able to possess, use, cultivate, and transport marijuana for non-medical use. In addition, the initiative would allow the legislature to devise a
system of retail marijuana cultivation and sale to adults. If passed, the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act will greatly improve California's marijuana laws and show the federal government (and the world) that
allowing adults to make a responsible decision to use marijuana does not lead to chaos and ruin.
If you would like to help with the effort to place this initiative on the ballot, please visit the *Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act's website []
You can also forward this to your friends [] and associates across California to encourage them to be part of history.
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Robert J. Capecchi
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project

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